Voices of ASEAN’ is a public speaking segment. One representative from each ASEAN country will be hand-picked from the pool of registered participants to deliver a public speaking on any issues present in their respective country or generally in the ASEAN region with a time limit of 7 – 8 minits. This prestigious segment will be conducted during the opening ceremony with the presence of our honourable VVIPs. This also provides our participants with an international platform to voice out their perspectives and views with hopes of creating a brighter future for ASEAN community.


After the opening ceremony, participants will be grouped according to the topics of their choice, which will be conducted in separate venues. For each forum group, speakers from different parts of the ASEAN region and professional/intellectual background will be invited to conduct a one – day lecture as well as workshop with the participants. Participants will be presented with the latest news, issues and challenges faced in regards to the topic of their choice that will be presented by experienced and knowledgeable speakers. In order to ensure an interactive session, speakers will also conduct workshop sessions that are tailor-made encourage new ideas and test the problem-solving abilities of participants.


Topical debate session will be carried out in each forum topic groups. Participants with their newly gained knowledge from the thorough and comprehensive keynote speeches will be challenged in this topical debate segment. Participants will be presented with a case study related to their forum topic. Upon hearing and understanding the case study, participants will then be randomly assigned to either a Government (to agree) or to an Opposition (to reject) a given notion. Unlike normal debates, this purpose of this altered debate would be to encourage a more systematic and comprehensive brainstorming session among participants. At the end of the debate, participant will be given time to conceptualise their personal understanding on the forum topic after hearing various opinions from different perspectives.


Participants with their new understanding of the subject matter will then be grouped according to their nationality. Participants will then discuss on the possible acceptable solution with respect to their country’s constitution, laws, culture, societal norms and etc. The purpose of the Townhall Meeting is to provide a platform whereby participants, representing their own respective countries will be able to come up with best possible solutions or implementations that are deemed acceptable within their country. The solutions or middle ground statements to overcome challenges associated with the forum topic will only be finalized once all participants representing each ASEAN countries agree with the list of statements. If a single representative disagrees to a given statement, the statement will be further improved until ALL representatives agrees on the particular statement. These unanimously agreed statements will then be considered as ‘Resolutions’ for that particular forum topic.


With reference to the unanimously agreed resolutions, participants are required to prepare their resolutions as well as their justifications for presentation. For the presentation of resolutions, all participants will gather at a single venue, whereby representatives from each forum topic group will present their resolutions. All participants will benefit from this collective resolution presentation as they will be exposed to the different problems faced by ASEAN countries as well as the corresponding youth – inspired solutions. The resolutions will be distributed to all participants at the end of the forum to enable delegates to implement them in their respective countries.


The closing ceremony and gala dinner will be held together at the end of the forum. Participants will have the opportunity to feast on the different types of cuisine from the ASEAN region during the gala dinner. ASEAN Student Forum participants are encouraged to perform and showcase various cultural performances from their respective country.